What does it take to be considered a top workplace? Because there are clearly some magical ingredients to employee satisfaction that not every company knows. Like a winning recipe, there’s a secret sauce made up of a winning combination of savory components that make some workplaces and certain employers rise to the top.

After 40+ years in the business, The MIL Corporation (MIL) has mastered the tools and techniques needed to serve up a “cream of the crop” top workplace. After tinkering with its formula to find just the right mix of employee-centric offerings, MIL’s focuses on cooking up a corporate culture and nurturing workplace where all employees can feel valued.

Along with challenging work with opportunities for advancement and open communication with responsive management, MIL offers its team frequent chances to be part of a larger community through social and volunteer events. MIL actively works on cultivating a workplace environment and ethos that reflects the company’s core values to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and care
  • Communicate effectively
  • Take personal responsibility

Because of its efforts to build a company worthy of the extraordinary people that work there, MIL has earned its place on a list of the 16 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance & Flexibility in 2023. The Top Workplaces for Work-Life Flexibility award recognizes organizations that have built a culture that enables employees to meet the demands of their personal lives while maintaining high performance. The article promoting the award noted that, “Tech companies with the best work-life balance practices aren’t easy to come by. The MIL Corporation does an excellent job of encouraging employee bonding with team-building exercises.” To boot,  MIL also earned special recognition among tech companies for the third year in-a-row under the Top Workplaces USA umbrella. This year, it snagged the #14 spot in the Top Technology Industry out of 191 winners.

By using tools like the Washington Post’s Top Workplaces anonymous employee surveys, MIL has identified what’s most important to its workforce and has been laser focused on growing those areas. As a result of ongoing, multi-year efforts to identify and better meet the needs of its employees, MIL now finds itself a multi-year award-winning employer securely ensconced on the Top Workplaces list of outstanding places to work for the past seven years.

As we continue to blend the perfect mix of employee-centric ingredients, MIL serves as a shining example of what it takes to savor the sweet taste of workplace success.