During times of uncertainty and constant change, we are glad to share a bit of positivity. The MIL Corporation is proud to share that we have been honored as a Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplace 2020 by Great Place to Work. This is our fourth-year ranking as a top workplace, and we are so honored to be ranked in the Top 100 for 2020. Each year, our employees are sent an anonymous survey and asked to critique things like employee culture, opportunities, and their overall experience at MIL. Needless to say, we could not have gone this far without the endless support, work-ethic, and engagement from our staff, our ‘people making the difference’. Despite the difficulty this year during COVID-19, MIL is proud of our continued growth and opportunity. Thank you to our staff for this nomination, a great year during tough circumstances, and another nomination with Great Place to Work! We are excited and hopeful to see where we rank in 2021.