A New Home

The MIL Corporation, like many others, has undergone many unexpected changes this past year. While working from home has became a temporary new ‘norm’, MIL is pleased to share the opening of our new office space! The financial sector moved from an older office space in Rosslyn, to The Rosslyn Center. The new space offers an easier commute and better amenities for employees.

The MIL Corporation sat down with our Vice President of the FAS team to discuss the new office space and the transition during the pandemic.

(Q) How did you move during COVID? What safety precautions, if any, were taken to ensure the safety of the MIL team?

(A) In order to address safety precautions and to ensure the safety of our MIL team in the Arlington office, we implemented the following:

  • To prepare for the move, a schedule was established to have only two people in the office at a time with masks and gloves on, to pack up their office. Over a two-week period, two people were scheduled in the morning between 7:00 -11:00am and then two more people  were scheduled in the afternoon between 1:00pm – 5:00pm. This ensured social distancing during the process.
  • When interviewing vendors to conduct the actual moves and other move -related activities, each vendor was asked to provide a COVID-19 plan along with their cost estimate.
  • During the actual move, MIL two management personnel were on-site at the old location with masks and gloves directing the move out of the building while three other MIL management personnel were located at the new office with masks and gloves directing the movers. Each moving crate was marked according to person/office site to minimize the movement of the movers and direct them to specific office locations.

(Q) I know we hope to one day fully open our MIL doors again, how many employees are currently at the office and how is your team adapting to COVID when working in the space?

(A) There are approximately 20 MIL employees assigned to the MIL Arlington office and are all currently working remotely at home in support of the FAA. The layout of the new office space and the assignment of the workspaces was designed to promote social distancing for the long term, as necessary. Staff workspaces are spaced out so not one person is directly next to, in front of, or behind other person. Once we begin to return back to the office, work schedules will be arranged to maintain social distancing through the office.

(Q) Why did we move our Rosslyn offices?

(A) We were at the old office for approximately seven years. In our business, change can occur at any time and at times change can be a good thing. It was time for a change in terms of cost, better office accommodations, amenities, and office management. The new location provides better access to public transportation for our current MIL employees. The new Rosslyn Metro Center will be opening later this fall with a new food court, restaurants, coffee lounges, gym facilities, and other amenities that our employees will be able to take advantage of. Finally, we will be working with a world-class landlord management team of American Real Estate Partners (AREP). Our interactions with them thus far and through the whole move preparation process has been exemplary. They are very responsive, and MIL is already viewed as AREP’s “Model Tenant” at the new Rosslyn Metro Center. We are going to work extremely hard and with AREP closely to maintain that designation.

(Q) What should we expect in the new space?

(A) The new space is close to 7K square feet which supports 24 large sized cubicle-style workspaces, eight offices, two kitchen areas, a storage room, , a phone/IT server room, an employee wellness room, a main reception area, and a lounge area both with seating. There are also two conference rooms available providing seating for about 12-15 in each. Each conference room will be able to provide facilities for client presentations, virtual group meetings via large screen monitors, and work-related collaborations.

The staff has expressed how much they like the new office both in design and functional and are happy to call it our new home. In a couple of weeks, we hope to provide the means for other MIL personnel to visit the new MIL Arlington office, virtually of course!

The FAS team looks forward to having the staff back working on-site once it is safe to do so! Check out the virtual office tour hosted by the FAS Vice President, John Roland as well as some photos of the new space, below: