MIL is pleased to share that our Engineering and Technology Services (ETS) sector has introduced their new collaborative office space! The sector has spent the last few months renovating and remodeling their traditional office space to a more open, agile plan. This affords us with advantages such as increased communication and collaboration. According to an article about innovative offices by Forbes, open-concept office spaces boost productivity levels, health, overall happiness, and allow for flexible layouts.

The new layout at MIL includes spaces with minimal to no barriers between workstations, an arcade room, a lounge room, a snack room, and more! The office was a hit amongst the entire ETS team. Check out some of their thoughts on the new agile space, below

According to Jeff Bailey, a team lead for our ETS sector “The open-office has created more of a sense of mission and unity amongst the teams. In an open-office – for better or worse – there are no secrets. The environment itself creates more opportunities for cross-collaboration between teams making all teams more aware of all projects and efforts going on within the collective group. MIL’s new space creates a greater sense of team than a traditional office space.”

While many new employees were intrigued by the layout, they quickly realized the importance of an open-concept facility. Sabrina Townsend, a software developer notes,  “I started in October and was intrigued when I was told we were agile in our sitting arrangements. MIL has made every effort to provide spaces that can work for all types. The leadership has also surveyed the staff to see what amenities could be added to make the working environment better”.

Ryan Rosier, a recent college graduate and MIL communications and security analyst, mentioned how he was not looking forward to working in a traditional office environment and was pleasantly surprised after joining MIL. “The new agile work space that MIL has created is wonderful. I recently graduated from West Virginia University and was prepared to sit in a dreaded cubicle when I arrived for my first day of work. Instead, I was welcomed by an open space with the perfect amount of comfort. It makes coming to work every day even more enticing.”

Brandon Nardo, a communications analyst, pointed out just how much the space has increased the morale in the IT division. He mentioned it being one of the greatest assets at MIL, “I personally believe the suite is one of the greatest assets that MIL has to offer its employees

Check out some photos of the spaces below to see how MIL is engaged with the future of work!