Solution PlatformsThe MIL Corporation (MIL) recently celebrated our fifth year of earning our ISO 9001: 2015 certification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to a company culture of always meeting our customers’ requirements and doing the right thing—all the time. An ISO 9001 certification requires documented processes at every level of business and a training and auditing plan to help ensure those processes are always current and always followed. Our customers then enjoy the consistency of our operations and a higher quality employee brought into their business. In fact, MIL prides itself on placing only well-qualified applicants into available positions—we do not simply put a warm body in a chair to fulfill a contract’s requirements. This commitment to excellence sets us apart from our competition and helps our leadership build long-term relationships with our customers.

To help MIL achieve such a high-level of proficiency, we rely on an internal team of employees who steer our organization towards continuous improvement. While such a certification increases customer satisfaction and repeat business, it also creates an environment where morale and professionalism are continually on the rise. With standardized and documented processes and a robust system for training, our team members enjoy clear expectations of what is required of them and the appropriate tools to get the job done right. It forces collaboration and builds trust within our organization as people learn and share their experience and technical acumen.

A key benefit noted by our internal team and HR leaders is that this certification has led to an expedited hiring process and higher-qualified applicants. Our recruiting team puts great emphasis on communicating with our hiring managers and our customers to ensure MIL keeps a pipeline of well-qualified applicants in our system. By understanding the position and asking the right questions, MIL recruiters keep a pipeline of applicants in queue which significantly reduces the time it takes to move the best candidate into open positions. This is especially important given the excruciating time it takes for security clearances alone!

Through this well-oiled (and documented) machine—MIL lives up to its motto of “People making the difference”! It’s the people in our organization that not only drive our customers towards success but also lead to MIL’s multiple awards for being an exceptional work place!