MIL is always looking for new avenues to reach quality candidates to join our team. As we expand our service offering, we require a much wider variety of skills and experience to meet customer demands. To help reach these different audiences, we have taken the steps to refine MIL’s digital strategy and online application process. Our goal is to improve the overall user experience, expand our job distribution subscriptions, and automate our posting process to reach more people in less time.

In a recent blog post, noted the importance of a user-friendly application and conducted a study to see which companies offer the fastest online process. We’ve all probably been there – giving up in the middle of job application because the required fields are tedious, time-consuming, and often confusing. notes the real impact this can have on recruiting efforts, resulting in the loss of highly valuable candidates due to an inefficient application process. Their research, which included apply time for every Fortune 500 company, found that the average application included 62.8 screen questions. When it comes to online application questions, found that organizations that prompt users with 45 or more questions lose 88.7% of potential candidates who exit the interface before completing their application. Business News Daily conducted a similar study that found 30% of candidates (and 57% of those earning $100K or more) won’t spend longer than 15 minutes on an application.

With this in mind, MIL sought out a new, streamlined application process for our candidates. As a result, the new Career Center is fully responsive, and provides our users with a fresh and modern experience. To keep things quick and simple for job seekers, our new interface allows visitors to set up job alerts as well as a parsing option that syncs with a user’s Google Drive or LinkedIn account to automatically populate application fields. Perhaps most importantly, a new two-tier application process has been applied so that only candidates under serious consideration will be required to fill out more comprehensive data.

Part of our recruiting effort also involves finding ways to best reach our target audience. To help, MIL has teamed with CareerArc, a software service provider, to create a fully automated recruiting platform. Now, our listings will appear on MIL’s social channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), allowing us to reach both active and passive job seekers in a timely and accessible manner.

MIL is always seeking quality candidates —  be sure to check out our new job listings or share with friends and family!