MIL’s incredible work in the realm of automation recently caught the spotlight in CDW technology magazine, FedTech. In an article titled, “Tired of Monotonous Tasks? Federal Agencies Turn to Automation,” writer Wylie Wong delved into how various federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of State (DoS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), where we have performed work, have embraced the wonders of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other intelligent automation technologies.

The article discusses the implementation of RPA at the Defense Logistics Agency and, more prominently, highlights MIL’s transformative automation efforts at DoS and FAA. In the article, Kelly Fletcher, the CIO of the State Department, emphasized how RPA is liberating their skilled workforce.

“We are using RPA to reduce the repetitive, monotonous tasks done by our incredibly talented workforce so they’re free to work on high-value, important human work, such as strategic and creative tasks, said Fletcher.”  Ms. Fletcher also noted that the Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services—MIL’s long-time DoS customer—is currently applying RPA technology to “eliminate a common process that required multiple individuals to spend 15 minutes a day reviewing and responding to a financial systems report.“

At DoS, MIL’s RPA technology is streamlining processes and saving both time and resources. For instance, the Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services is benefiting from RPA by eliminating a time-consuming manual process. MIL-deployed bots are now reconciling thousands of data points daily, saving more than two full-time employees and improving data accuracy by 50 percent. DoS’s RPA journey began by identifying repetitive tasks, which were then automated through scripted steps.

Moreover, MIL’s work goes beyond RPA, as they are exploring the integration of AI technology. They’ve successfully combined AI and ML with RPA to automate invoice processing, translating various invoice formats into machine-readable data. This data is seamlessly integrated into the financial management system, enhancing efficiency and document classification.

Moving on to the FAA, they are pioneering “Bots to the Cloud” with a cloud-native approach, using innovative technologies like containers for cloud-based app development. According to acting FAA CIO Melanie Boteler, this approach allows for precise and swift environment replication, transforming their operations.

While the FedTech article primarily focuses on the government’s perspective on these groundbreaking automation initiatives and does not name MIL, we take pride in the recognition of our talented RPA and AI specialists. Their dedication and innovation have not only impressed their federal customers but also the industry as a whole.

To read the full FedTech article, you can visit the CDW site here: Tired of Monotonous Tasks? Federal Agencies Turn to Automation.