National Work from Home Day

In the United States, the last Thursday in June is National Work from Home Day. This year it falls on June 30th. The day allows us the chance to recognize the technological and cultural evolutions that allow our work culture to be as productive outside of the office as we are inside the office.

At MIL, as most companies, our working from home options quickly evolved at the start of the pandemic. However, we adapted and learned that, in some cases, our employees were just as productive from home as they were inside office spaces. According to Indeed, working from home improves work-life-balance for both employees and employers, allows for a larger talent pool, streamlined communication, and is proven to have higher productivity.

While we know working from home has a ton of great pros, there might be times where you do not feel as productive! Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize your productivity:

  • Get ready for the workday: while we know pajamas are comfortable, getting ready for the workday helps to start the day off on a productive foot.
  • Choose a proper home office (your dining table does not count!)
  • Maintain consistent working hours
  • Set a morning and evening routine
  • Prepare a to-do list/planner
  • Take a few breaks
  • Go outside for a stroll

On this National Work from Home Day, be sure to take a few of our tips and tricks and incorporate them into your daily routines.