The MIL Corporation (MIL) is a key sponsor of the upcoming 6th Annual Phillyforce Conference, which brings together the PhillyForce Developer User Group with a number of regional user groups and hosts to include the Delaware Valley Nonprofit User Group, Philly Salesforce Women in Tech, South Jersey Salesforce Saturday, Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer User Group, New Jersey User Group, and many others.

The annual PhillyForce Conference presents the opportunity for Salesforce technologists and professionals to network, listen to inspiring speakers, and celebrate the vibrant Salesforce community in this area. Philadelphia is well known for pioneering cloud technology in the public sector, as the City of Philadelphia was an early leader and adopter of the Salesforce platform to power their 311 service center. There are also many global enterprises headquartered in Philadelphia such as Comcast, Urban Outfitters, and GeoBlue, who are notable pioneers in digital transformation utilizing the Salesforce platform.

For its sixth year, PhillyForce has assembled a spectacular lineup of speakers, starting with Michael Smith, Senior Member of Technical Staff @, presenting a new roll-up engine for the Non-Profit Success Pack. Next up, Andrew Fawcett, VP of Product Management, Platform @, will present a roadmap and product strategy for the Salesforce platform. Andrew was previously CTO of FinancialForce, and authored the book “ Enterprise Architecture”, one of the most formative books on the market for Salesforce technologists. In the afternoon, participants will hear from Svatka Simpson, Director of Architecture @ Appirio, shedding light on how to advance in a career as a Salesforce developer or architect. In addition, David Reed, Senior Salesforce Developer @ Radian Guaranty, will lay out a vision for all Salesforce customers establishing continuous integration processes using Salesforce DX.

The most illustrious and exciting guest at the PhillyForce Conference this year is Sarah Franklin, Executive Vice President, Developer Relations and General Manager, Trailhead @ Salesforce. Sarah will be sitting down with Gina Marques, a notable Salesforce Trailblazer in the Philadelphia area, for a fireside chat about education, women in technology, Trailhead, career development, and much more.

The conference will be held on Monday, April 30th at World Cafe Live in the University City section of Philadelphia, and is an official part of Philly Tech Week 2018 presented by Comcast. MIL looks forward to meeting and networking with hundreds of Salesforce professionals from all over the greater Philadelphia area (and beyond!) to share the story of how we are improving mission effectiveness with the Salesforce platform. Be sure to come learn more about MIL at booth number 4 in the lower lobby.

Alex Sutherland has been contributing to the Salesforce ecosystem since 2005, advancing from end user to consultant to technical architect. He has helped a wide spectrum of Salesforce customers implement and be successful with the Salesforce platform, leading project teams to win 3 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards. He has also co-founded several Salesforce user groups, including the Philadelphia Salesforce Developer User Group (PhillyForce) and the Philadelphia Salesforce Partner User Group, which contributes to his recurring recognition as an official Salesforce MVP. Alex currently holds six Salesforce certifications and is a Salesforce Trailhead Ranger.