Staying Connected

Our workplace experience is key to our success

To provide a positive workplace experience, MIL prioritizes life beyond the office, supporting employee-driven events, engagement opportunities, and multiple annual celebrations held throughout the year. As a family-owned and operated business, we believe this is one of the keys to our success.

Life beyond the office includes:

MIL Capital One Arena Suite

MIL has around 750 employees at over 20 different government agencies and corporate locations. The suite gives employees a chance to come together at team nights, concerts, games, and more. Multiple times a month, employees from across the country are offered chances to win tickets (which includes one guest) and not only enjoy an evening of entertainment, but a chance to meet other employees and staff who they may not meet otherwise.

Summertime Fun

Our Charleston-based employees can look forward to some fun in the sun with activities such as a day at the waterpark or cheering on the Charleston Battery soccer team. Employees in the D.C. metropolitan area have two events to look forward to each year: Kings Dominion: We provide our staff the chance to enjoy a day of thrills and entertainment with their families.

Crab Feast: Area staff come together to enjoy an afternoon of games, water sports, rock climbing, face painting, BBQ, and of course, crabs! The annual event is held at Mayo Beach Park in Edgewater, Maryland and has grown to attract hundreds of MIL employees and their families.

Award Ceremonies & Celebrations

At MIL, we take pride in the tenure of our staff. Since we opened the business in 1980, we have employees who have been with MIL for over 35 years! Each year we get together in both Charleston and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to celebrate our tenured staff with a full evening of festivities.

Conferences & Training

MIL sponsors a wide variety of events throughout the year. In addition, employees may have the opportunity to travel to a conference to further their career growth at MIL while networking with their peers.