Service Members Making the Difference

MIL supports those who serve

As a provider of top-notch financial, cyber, engineering, and information technology services to the federal government, The MIL Corporation understands the impact our Servicemembers have on our workforce and community. We see the value of their military experience and leadership, and acknowledge the importance these skills bring to the success of our business model. By providing support for military leave and work-life balance as a whole, MIL is invested in fostering a positive experience for all. “People Making A Difference” is not just a company motto but a part of our mission at MIL that we strive to support at every level. MIL has been recognized for the past four decades for our integrity, diligence, and expertise in our core service areas, and we are grateful for the quality, dedication, leadership and professionalism our team members bring each day. From serving and protecting our nation to ‘Making a Difference’ at MIL, we are proud to employ our Servicemembers.

David St. John: Microsoft Cloud Specialist

U.S. Army

During my time at MIL, I have come to learn that being ex-military is greatly valued in the government. My military experience allows me to connect with many government clients who are ex-military themselves. My experience with supervisors who I share a common background has quickly translated into mutual respect and their valuing my input greatly.

Steve Witt: REPS Program Manager

U.S. Army

I have made it a personal priority to make corporate leaders and decision makers aware of the valuable services veterans have to offer; and to assist veterans in translating their military skills and experience into language corporate leaders recognize and understand.

Joel Melville: Vice President of Administration

U.S. Army

My experience in the Army taught me a lot about myself and a lot about leadership. Whether you are leading consultant on an email migration or soldiers in a field exercise, the basics are always the same. MIL respects and values that the military service brings to our workplace. Much like the military, MIL is always looking for great talent and wants to cultivate the very best from each employee, veteran or not.

Rebecca Helms: Systems Administrator

U.S. Air Force

As an NCO in the military, I wore many hats and shouldered various responsibilities. Every piece of my training, whether it be technical, tactical, or for leadership has transferred to every skill I need in the civilian world and has given me the ability to overcome every challenge! I appreciate the person the military helped me become – civilian companies reap the benefits of our intrinsic sense of dedication, resilience, and ability to maintain perspective during stressful situations.

Freedom Award, ESGR, Department of Defense: 2022

MIL received the 2022 Maryland Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Freedom Award in the large business category. The prestigious award given by ESGR, a staff group with Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, is the highest recognition presented by the Department of Defense (DoD) to employers who provide the most outstanding support for National Guard and Reserve members.