Skillbridge to Success


The MIL Corporation is proud to participate in DoD’s SkillBridge program, which assists retiring servicemembers make the transition to civilian life and post-military employment. Through SkillBridge, DoD enables servicemembers to gain hands-on experience through industry training, apprenticing, and internships in the civil sector. During their final 180 days of military service, servicemembers can gain valuable industry knowledge and technical skills to improve their post-military career prospects.

To initiate the process, and before applying to MIL—a DoD-approved SkillBridge company—the servicemember must seek and receive Command authorization to participate. Once approved, DoD places the participating servicemember on TAD/TDY status during the internship period. During that time, servicemembers continue to receive military pay and benefits in lieu of compensation from MIL. For our part, we provide participants with one-on-one mentorship, hands-on training, in-the-field experiences, and the opportunity to learn new skills and hone existing competencies.

The SkillBridge program is a valuable opportunity for MIL to identify highly skilled future MIL leaders with the abilities and talents needed to meet the demands of our defense and civilian sector projects. It also provides both MIL and the retiring servicemember a chance to see if the candidate and the company are a good fit.

Find your place at MIL

MIL would like to share your SkillBridge experience. Whether or not you elect to stay on at MIL at the end of the internship period, we value every chance to give back to warfighters who serve our Nation.


The candidate must:

  • Have 180 days of service or fewer remaining prior to your date of separation and you have at least 180 continuous days of active service
  • Obtain approval from their unit commander
  • Agree that participation can be terminated at any time by the Service if mission requirements dictate

Join Us!

Let us help you make a smooth and successful re-entry to post-miliary life. If you are an active servicemember who is soon to retire, check out our available SkillBridge opportunities.

How to apply to Skillbridge