Tyler Russell

Desktop Configurations Manager

Years with MIL: 2

What is the best piece of career advice you can offer someone in your field who is either applying to or beginning a career at MIL?

If I could offer career advice for a new MIL employee, it would be to never stop learning, keep your focus on the steps in front of you – not the ones that are already behind you, and always treat everyone around you the way you would want to be treated.

What is important about your work?

I would say the most important aspects of this job are keeping our customers happy while providing excellent support to them. With several large projects that my team is involved in each year, we are a very visible part of the daily operations in the LOC. Some days with multiple projects taking place simultaneously, the team can be spread very thin but we keep smiles on our faces and treat every customer with respect.

Why did you decide to join MIL?

After deciding to relocate to the Washington, DC area, I found a position opening for a Service Desk Analyst in the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. This position seemed to be a great fit for what I was looking for to start a new chapter in my career. Once offered the position, I packed up and moved to Washington, DC. The opportunity to join MIL was far more rewarding than expected.

What are you working on now?

Currently, alongside my team, we are actively working on an LOC initiative to convert users who have desktop computers for use at work and laptop computers for home use to a single laptop with a docking station that are appropriate for both in-office and telework use.

Why do you enjoy working at MIL?

Working at MIL is rewarding in many ways. The company really goes out of its way to show the employees they care about them. From opportunities for advancement to relaxing events like a Caps game at the Capital One Arena, MIL really puts forward a great effort to show appreciation.

What are the best aspects about your current job?

Having a team that is self-motivated and driven to complete our goals would be the best aspect of my job. Leading a team of nine members who want to work to get the job done is very rewarding. If I did not have the team around me that I have, we would not be as successful. My team makes my job one that I look forward to every day.