Erin Tice

Financial Analyst/Contract Monitor

Describe your career path.
When I started with MIL as an intern, I was not sure what I wanted my career path to be. Being an intern allowed me to see all aspects of the many different positions within MIL. When I began working with the contract monitor/financial team I found that it just came naturally to me and I enjoyed the work. From there, I worked directly under the lead contract monitor and trained while I went to school in the evenings. Being able to transfer my schooling into real world experience greatly enhanced my development. Once I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I was offered a full-time position, and was able to start working independently on my own contract. Since then, I have continued to learn, and grow in my position.

Did you further your education or obtain certifications while employed at MIL?
When I started with MIL I was just out of high school and had been taking classes at a local community college. I worked part-time at MIL while taking classes at night. Once I obtained my associates degree, I started taking classes online at University of Maryland. I also took advantage of the MILTON courses at MIL during this time.

In terms of career growth, what is one piece of advice you would offer someone beginning a career at MIL?
Everyone at MIL wants to see you grow! Ask questions, learn how every person at MIL fits in the bigger picture. Get a mentor. Having a mentor with experience is the best training you can have and something a textbook will not provide.

What is one professional highlight that stands out during your career at MIL?
The biggest highlight for me was getting the first task awarded on the task to which I am currently assigned. This was the first contract that I had been with from its start, and it was the first task I had set-up on my own as the lead contract monitor. It was very fulfilling to know I was with that task from the beginning.

What is one professional habit all employees should develop? Why?
Communication! It seems like so much can be unclear if just one party does not communicate. Communicate your concerns or questions. If you do not fully understand the process, then you cannot do your best to achieve your goal.

What is one piece of career advice you would give a recent college graduate?
Do not stop learning. It does not have to be learning in a classroom environment, but always continue to grow and learn.

What do you love about your current position, and/or overall career at MIL?
The people. Everyone at MIL is amazing and they truly feel like family. I can honestly say, I love everyone I work with and have made some amazing friends.