Bonnie Shin

Senior Assistant Vice President

When did you start working at MIL? Describe your career path.

The first time I started working for MIL was back in 2000 as a Financial Analyst on the GSA project.

Describe your career path. 

By 2003 I was the manager of the GSA project. In 2004, when the project ended, I transferred to a project at the Department of State Project. In 2007, I needed a job closer to home for personal reasons so MIL and I parted ways, but I always said that I would return. In 2014, I returned to MIL at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) at the Department of State, where I still am today.

In terms of career growth, what is one piece of advice you would offer someone beginning a career at MIL? 

The advice I would offer is to continue to work hard and do not give up on your goals.

What is one professional highlight that stands out during your career at MIL? 

When I started at MIL I had told my manager at that time that my goal was to become a vice president at MIL. When I was recently promoted and fulfilled that goal 21 years later, it was one of the most rewarding promotions of my career!

What is one project from the past year that you are most proud of? 

I am most proud of the growth of our team and our staff as we continue to take the client in new directions.

 What is one professional habit all employees should develop? Why? 

Always give your best.  This does not mean everything you will do is perfect.  But your teammates and clients will notice and respect your work ethic.

What is one piece of career advice you would give a recent college graduate? 

Never stop learning!

What do you love about your current position, and/or overall career at MIL? 

I love the work that our team does every day, the talented staff on the team, and the support of MIL leadership. I have always felt that MIL is one of the best companies to work for and has absolutely been my favorite!