Kevin Wainner

Data Warehouse Tester

Years with MIL: 1

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working as a data warehouse tester on the General Financial Management System for the Department of State (DoS). This involves testing changes made by programmers.

What is important about your work?

In my line of work, it is important to ensure that changes to the system do not impact the timeliness of reports, or the accuracy of the data.  Both domestic and international DoS personnel may use these reports—and some of the reports have a data feed from the Treasury Department

What are the best aspects about your current job? Why do you enjoy working here?

The best aspect about my current job is working with my fellow employees, developers, and DoS employees.  Everyone is very helpful and willing to share his or her knowledge about the system.  Also, having been a data warehouse developer, I’m able to bring that knowledge to my current job. Being able to share my experience with my team members and work with developers to resolve issues has been a great part of my job. What I enjoy most about MIL is the people. After making the move across the country (from Colorado) it was nice to feel welcome.

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on at MIL?

My current project, creating a reporting tool for domestic and international DoS users is the most challenging project I’ve worked on so far at MIL. This system uses an SAP HANA relational database management system to automatically show changes from the system of record.  These changes may be data or table changes that are automatically applied and are available for reporting.

If applicable, please share a memorable/significant experience that has occurred during your time with MIL.

I would have to say the most memorable experience for my wife and myself was winning tickets to see Stevie Nicks at the Verizon Center in MIL’s corporate suite.  My wife and I will never forget that night!