Greg Agostinelli

Human Resources Business Partner, Senior Associate

Years with MIL: 10

What were you doing before joining MIL?

Before joining MIL, I provided technical support to a Community Bank and a 100+ Attorney Law Firm.  I provided them with hardware and software support as well as training and building physical setup and security.

Why did you decide to join MIL?

I decided to join MIL for a better opportunity.  MIL was growing and I thought this afforded me more opportunity to contribute to an organization as well as provided a better opportunity for me.

What is important about your work?

It takes a certain attention to detail to perform my job.  Tracking 20 to 40 applicants at a time, ensuring all their needed information and identification is correct and complete.  If you are not careful, things can get mixed up.

What are the best aspects about your current job?

Working with a great team!  We have exceptional team members who encourage communication and keep all of us on the same page.  This allows the work to flow smoothly and any bumps along the way are smoothed out expeditiously.

Why do you enjoy working at MIL?

I enjoy working at MIL because I can accomplish something every day.  What I do helps people get employment as well as helps MIL make money – so we can continue to hire.  This work is very fulfilling for me.

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on at MIL?

The most challenging project was when I was first hired, implementing the Applicant Tracking System for the first time, which involved gathering all the needed information.

What is the best piece of career advice you can offer someone in your field who is either applying to or beginning a career at MIL?

Do your best and ask for help when you need it!  Be flexible and willing to go the extra mile!  If you do, MIL will take care of you through the inevitable ups and downs.