Derek Morin

Cyber Security Test Engineer

Years with MIL: 1

What are the best aspects about your current job?

The energy. Everyone at MIL and at the customer’s location loves being in this field. There’s always something new to learn or try. It makes for very interesting and fun work.

Why do you enjoy working at MIL?

I feel very empowered here. The cyber sector leadership trusts me to engage our customer directly, working WITH them to find the best solutions to their problems. I definitely feel like my input is valued and taken into account when making critical decisions, both on the MIL and government sides. This means a lot to me.

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on at MIL?

There is no one project that stands out, but rather one aspect about the job that is challenging, but also extremely rewarding. The work we’re doing has never been done before, and we are breaking ground discovering the things we are discovering. It’s also requiring me to gain a great deal of breadth and depth of knowledge real-time, and immediately turning around to apply it to a result.

What is the best piece of career advice you can offer someone in your field who is either applying to or beginning a career at MIL?

In my opinion, the three characteristics that are best to have in cyber security are

  • Enthusiasm: This field is vast and we need a lot of energy to tackle it. Energetic curiosity is a must.
  • Growth: You need to always be learning and keeping up to date with the latest
  • Initiative: There are a lot of folks here working on a lot of different things. Nothing is better than matching the individual to the topic, so if you see something you’re interested it, go and do it.