Trina Travis

Financial Management Specialist and Consultant

When did you start working at MIL and what was your position?
I started working at MIL in 2011. I was on the State Department contract working at Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as a budget analyst.

Describe your career path.
I am coming up on my 10th anniversary as a MIL employee.  It has truly been a good experience.  MIL has afforded me many opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

As I mentioned, I started my career at MIL as a budget analyst. When the contract ended, I had a very brief separation with the company. I returned to MIL within six weeks, working in the Diplomatic Security (DS) CFO Budget Office as a budget analyst, primarily responsible for reimbursements and unliquidated obligations (ULOs). Later, I transferred to the DS/Overseas Protective Operations (OPO) Program Office in the Finance Department, where I have had the opportunity to learn many job functions as a financial analyst. I worked on reimbursements and ULOs from the program side, was responsible for high threat portfolios on the Wordwide Protection Services program, and now I oversee various International Cooperative Administration Support Services (ICASS) and Non-ICASS budgets. While working in OPO I was promoted to team lead over the OPO and Anti-Terrorism Assistance task orders. Now I am a manager! MIL has give me the opportunities to learn, grow, and expand my skills sets, and for this I am very appreciative.

Did you further your education or obtain certifications while employed at MIL?
Before working for MIL, I began pursuing a MBA.  I received my MBA one year after I started working at MIL.

In terms of career growth, what is one piece of advice you would offer someone beginning a career at MIL?
The best advice that I can offer someone beginning a career at MIL is to always be available to learn something new within your scope of work and outside your scope of work. It is personally gratifying to know the full circle of your job.  Also, you never know who is watching and when the opportunity will arrive whereas your knowledge will be needed.

What is one piece of career advice you would give a recent college graduate?
My advice for a recent college graduate would be to never look at criticism or feedback negatively. Look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What do you love about your current position, and/or overall career at MIL?
What I love most about my current position is the mission of the DS, OPO and the people. I work with talented people within the State Department and MIL.

Also, I enjoy working with my MIL staff and my managers. My staff are wonderful, they care about the work they perform. My managers are very interested in my professional growth and development. Overall, I enjoy working for a company that cares!