Sheila Goggins

Accounts Payable Accountant

Years with MIL: 1

What is important about your role with MIL?

My primary role with MIL is working on Accounts Payable, which I take very seriously. It is important that MIL processes invoices in a timely manner. In addition, it is just as important for the company to maintain the ability to track where orders are in the process. I recognize the importance of this process to MIL, and I take great pride in maintain the accuracy, neatness, and organization of my role.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on all direct invoices and vendors for our weekly check-run. During the check-run, I review the teams direct and sub-vendors’ invoices. In addition, I am in training to learn the EFT process, so I can stand in for my supervisor when she is out of the office.

Why did you decide to join MIL?

I began my career at MIL as the temporary Accounts Payable Staff Accountant for the Bowie Service Center in April 2016. MIL turned out to be a great fit for me – no other companies I had worked for could compare in terms of work life balance, benefits, and stability. I was recognized for my value to the team with an offer of permanent employment in October 2016. The company culture is really great and I love working for MIL.

Why do you enjoy working with MIL?

I enjoy working with MIL because we have a great team with supportive staff. I appreciate the way my supervisor respects everyone on her team. The company is diligent about morale building  through give-a-ways and fun company events – like the Crab Feast. They are like a family!