Amber Abell

Contract Monitor

When did you start working at MIL and what was your position?
I began working at MIL in March of 2018 as an intern. May of 2018, I volunteered to fill in as the receptionist in the interim until the position could be filled. In August of 2020 I was promoted to the Financial Team where I currently support multiple contracts.

Describe your career path.
I am currently the lead Contract Monitor for the Mission Systems Engineering contract supporting the Ship and Air Integrated Warfare division of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Webster Outlying Field. I also provide direct project management support for the Aegis program. Long term, I would like to expand my project management duties.

In terms of career growth, what is one piece of advice you would offer someone beginning a career at MIL?
My piece of advice would be to have a voice. If there is an opportunity you want, speak up and be your own advocate.

What is one professional highlight that stands out during your career at MIL?
It is an honor to be designated as one of the top-performing, most impactful employees in the whole company!

Who is someone in your career journey you look up to and why? Would this person qualify as a mentor?
There are two people who have impacted my career journey so far. The first saw potential in me and gave me the opportunity to learn under her. She trained me as a contract monitor and gave me the opportunity to monitor a contract of my own. Without her training and knowledge, I would not be in this position today. She truly helped shape my career. Additionally, one of the senior engineers in my department has become a mentor to me. He is always pushing me to take opportunities that come up, to further my education, and challenges me to always learn more within the contracting world.